Tony Carew


Tony is one of the world’s leading coaching and facilitation practitioners with a unique focus on the domain of ontology.  He supports people through critical enquiries into how they ‘show up’ as a leader. He draws on a rich life experience and background as an actor, chef, professional in the domain of psychological injury and human resources and his work with the prestigious Newfield Institute in Australia where he trains Coaches and mentors.

As a Director of Resource Advisory and Co-founder of Liberated Leaders, Tony’s mastery lies in Executive intervention-based facilitation, mediation, coaching and mentoring. His programs are designed for Executive and Senior leaders and teams who must transform their perspectives and behaviours to stay relevant, viable and aligned. Tony’s engagement approach is a skilful blend of care and provocation, essential for uncovering new possibilities and instigating the necessary changes in Executive leaders and teams.

During the past two decades, he has rounded his expertise in the cultural change and transformation arena. Tony is skilled in coaching individuals and teams to navigate complex power and political dynamics to achieve strategic objectives. His areas of mastery include personal and organisational transformation, strategy development, effective communication, relationship-building, and driving team outcomes through commitments.

Tony is known for developing lasting relationships with the people who engage him. This means that better outcomes are achieved over time where he has the opportunity to be engaged as coach, team coach and facilitator to achieve lasting cultural change. He has worked inside some of Australia’s largest corporations, including Telstra and Lendlease and coached people from companies such as Goldman Sachs, Macquarie and Fortesque Future Industries. Equally, in this time, he has extensive experience working within various sectors, including government, health, construction and not-for-profit with a client base that includes Healthscope, Transport for NSW and St George Community Housing.

Tony’s approach to transformation is grounded in biological science and existential philosophy. He was previously a coach-trainer with the Ontological Coaching Institute, a prestigious coach-training Institute within the Asian Pacific region, and a 7-year student of Dr. Fernando Flores studying generative Ontology.

Tony’s life history and varied sector exposure deeply enriches his facilitation, coaching and mentoring practice. He brings his early history in the arts to his design capabilities and deep care for clients.

In his spare time, is dedicated to adventuring through travel, learning, time in the wilderness and on the sea, and culinary arts.

  • ‘Dwelling Program’ – Exploring the Ontology of Human Interaction (Pluralistic Networks, USA)
  • ‘Power, Wisdom and Serenity’ – Generative Ontology (Pluralistic Networks, USA)
  • ‘Power and Wisdom’ – Generative Ontology (Pluralistic Networks, USA)
  • Working Effectively in Small Teams (Pluralistic Networks, USA)
  • Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching through the Ontological Coaching Institute.
  • Associate Diploma Performing Arts (Darwin Institute of Technology)
  • Advanced Ontological Practitioner programs (Eriksonian, Conversational Technology, Somatic Coaching, Commitment-based Management)
  • Unitary Epistemology – Cultural Biology (Matrixica Institute, Chile)