Leader Development

What story do you have about yourself as a leader?

Is it time to confront the habits of thinking and behaving that prevent your greatest success?

We are specialists in leader development and offer many ways you can explore and advance your leadership potential. We work deeply with the engrained narratives that shape your responses and reactions in leadership and life. We support you to cultivate new skills and practices that have you feel more powerful and ‘show up’ as more influential for the sake of personal and professional advancement.

1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching

  • Do you have a sense that having a powerful coach might be the kind of support that accelerates your development?
  • Are you willing to commit to a journey over several months to ensure sustained results?

We are experienced coaches who truly love to work 1-1 with already successful, emerging and aspiring leaders. We will work with you to transform the way you see the world and your place in it. The coaching process starts with a robust commitment for change. Our Programs are highly customised to support you to reflect on, challenge and open new insights across your many leadership contexts.

Private Retreats

Private Retreats

  • Do you learn better when you carve out a few days of space just for you?
  • ¬†Would you prefer your leadership development experience to be personal and designed as an intensive?

We offer Private Executive-style Retreats at our property in the Gold Coast Hinterland. We will customise a Transformational Experience that includes dialogue-based education, coaching, mentoring, space for reflection, time for movement and activity, fine food and Executive Style accommodation on site.

Public Programs

Public Programs

  • Do you learn best in workshops with other like-minded leaders?
  • Would you benefit from sharing your learning journey with others from different industries?

We offer a range of Public Programs via our Leadership brand, Liberated Leaders. Our 1-day Accelerator Program focuses on skill development, introducing four foundational skills that advance leadership outcomes quickly. Our 10-month Foundations Program offers more than 40 skills and practices in a truly transformational experience. The Foundations Program is by application only and designed for those leaders who want to transform themselves and in doing so, significantly elevate their leadership capability.

Online Programs

Online Programs

  • Would you prefer to develop some skills and practices at your own time in a self-paced format?
  • Do you need to reach a broad audience within your organisation?

We offer a range of online programs for leaders with a preference for this style of learning. Our Programs introduce the key distinctions we work with in all of our Programs and will offer you insights into yourself, your patterns of thinking and behaving in a reflective-style format that is both engaging and educational.

“Transformation is an over-used word, but this program truly has resulted in a transformation of my leadership. This is a Leadership Program that teaches not only professional skills, but transferable life skills which have also markedly improved family and personal relationships.”

Rob Gregory

General Manager

East Waste

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