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Our Approach

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We work alongside leaders and their teams to challenge the way they think about, and therefore construct their identities, workplaces and relationships.

At the most fundamental level our work involves conversations. Conversations that explore the narratives leaders ‘live in’ and conversations that reveal the biases and blindness that prevent individuals, teams and entire organisations from moving forward.

We uniquely focus on the way leaders create conditions for their people to innovate, coordinate, communicate and re-invent. In our experience, this ‘inside-out’ journey can be challenging since it requires us all to question the norms, myths and narratives we were born into and continue to perpetuate.

“The way that Resource Advisory has really got into our business and dealt with the real issues that are underlying the culture of my organisation has been amazing.”

Senior Development Manager

What We Believe

If we are to work in a pluralistic world, we need new skills and practices to find a place for each perspective. As leaders, this will require us to ‘lean in’ to the discomfort of ‘being a beginner’ and the willingness to shift our identities — again and again.

We believe, in this profoundly disrupted era, the choice to thrive is contingent on each person’s capacity to observe differently, listen well, manage provocation and above all, accept and work with unknown contingencies that continuously emerge.

As observers, practitioners and partners we believe it’s critical that we continue to work on ourselves. When we ask you to confront your world views in order to open spaces for possibility, we will continue to do the same.

So, if you’re really up for re-inventing, let’s talk.

What Influences Our Work

Our approach blends multiple disciplines and domains of practice, particularly:

Generative Ontology Language Action and `Way of Being'

Generative Ontology Language Action and `Way of Being'

Our practice includes a deep focus on language, moods and physiology, the collective expression of which, we describe was ‘way of being’. Given that leaders ‘show up’ as a function of the narrative they live in, our approach explores the historical nature of language and moods and how they impact leadership and life. Through this approach, we move below the behaviour line to shift en-grained attitudes and perceptions.

70-20-10 Framework

The Charles Jennings 70-20-10 model helps embed skills and practices by encouraging ‘Practical’ and live learning. This framework suggests that 10% of learning experiences should be formal learning, delivered in a structured context. A further 20% should be peer learning that supports and encourages collaboration, the socialisation and ongoing re-interpretation through socialisation of learning. The majority, or 70% of learning, is on-the-job learning, offering a place for immediate and comprehensive feedback via real-life ‘experiences’ as they arise. Our Programs leverage this in their design.

Social Science and Neurobiology

Social Science and Neurobiology

Our Program designs are framed specifically to support learning that is scientifically grounded and which promotes skill and practice uptake within the social and cultural context. More practically, we support individual learning by paying attention to the socio-cultural and structural context within which new behaviours and practices arise. This supports leaders to not merely ‘ingest’ the theories of learning and change, but to transform behaviours and embed new practices for sustained outcomes.

Mindfulness and Personal Development

Mindfulness and Personal Development

Our Programs promote and support the development of mindfulness and encourage space and time for reflective practice. We encourage leaders to adopt new skills to reflect on and reframe experiences as a pathway for generating new narratives, cultivating acceptance and generating conditions of safety that allow teams and conversations to flourish.

“Thanks for the amazing coaching experience – I would even say “life-changing”. Thinking back to where I was at the start of the coaching to where I am now I feel like a different person. I’ve often thought that my biggest obstacle to development was in my own head, and your coaching has proven that to me. I felt like I could trust you enough to get the things out of my head, put them on the table and deal with them. This is the only way it would have worked and wouldn’t be possible by doing a course – it was all deeply personal and specific to me.”

Unisson Disability, New South Wales

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