Do you need to fundamentally transform the way your business operates?

Are you and your business impacted by disruption and required to re-invent?

Our Transformation services are designed to take leaders, teams and entire organisations on a journey to re-conceptualise and re-create themselves. We describe this as an inside-out journey where we focus on individual and collective narratives, habits and behaviours and re-create these to pursue new ways of being and working together.



  • Do you have a sense that it’s time to re-invent the way you ‘show up’ in leadership and life?
  • Are you looking for a deeper sense of personal and professional fulfilment?

Consider that if it’s time for a Transformational journey. We will work with you personally, or through one of our Public Programs to shift the way you see yourself to create an opening for what truly matters for you. We have been working with our clients in deep transformation for more than 25 years and still today, find deep joy in deconstructing unhelpful narratives, shifting habits, cultivating moods for innovation and above all, opening possibilities for a different kind of living!



  • Does your organisation need to re-create itself in the wake of disruption?
  • Are your leaders stuck in an old paradigm that needs to shift?

We are specialists in working alongside leaders and their teams to transform their practices and build cultural resilience. We focus on individual and collective perception to begin, and over time introduce new and more powerful interpretations that Program participants can use to elevate their thinking, shift their moods and evolve their daily practices. Our Organisational Transformation Program positions leaders, teams and the entire organisation as ‘future-ready’, agile and continuously able to innovate in the face of disruption.

SGCH Case Study - How to transform a culture in 10 months.

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