Do you have a high-stakes meeting coming up where the outcome is critical?

Are you approaching a political, sensitive or tricky meeting forum?

Are you leading an industry initiative that needs independence and drive to achieve conversational outcomes?

We offer strong, experienced facilitators that will partner with you to conceptualise, design and deliver meetings and events that meet your desired outcomes. In our opinion, facilitation is one of the trickiest and hardest ‘artforms’ that demands a certain level of life and practical experience. Our approach is to meet participants adult to adult, meeting the power and political dynamics head on, respecting the legitimacy of every voice and deliberately driving towards desired results on your behalf.

Key Events

Key Events

  • Do you have an important event or key meeting coming up where the outcomes matter?
  • Would a strong independent meeting facilitator enhance your likelihood for success?

We’d love to help. We will begin with a briefing around your needs where you provide relevant background information that we use as a basis for an initial design and approach. Exceptional facilitation outcomes include a quality brief, thoughtful design and skilful execution. When you work with us, our facilitation services include all of these dimensions to ensure you get the most from your investment.

High-Stakes Conversations

High-stakes Conversations

  • Are you dealing with a tricky or political issue?
  • Are you afraid that your event might get railroaded or bogged down in old issues?
  • Do you have strong personalities that dominate proceedings?

A high proportion of our work involves navigating politically sensitive issues or power dynamics. Our expertise in this space means we can identify the challenges, issues and concerns below the presenting behaviours and work with them at ‘real-time’. Often this will require us to interview ‘attendees’ ahead of the event to build relationships with key people and to understand each person’s perspective ahead of the ‘group dialogue’.

Industry Initiatives

Industry Initiatives

  • Are you working on an industry-based initiative that brings multiple stakeholders together?
  • Are there strong personalities that would benefit from strong dialogue leadership at every forum?

We have worked with numerous medium to long term industry-focused initiatives that involve high profile voices. We offer facilitation to keep conversations ‘on track’, will speak to power dynamics when they arise, and, as neutral parties, can identify possible ‘blind spots’ to ensure constructive exchanges that meet the stakeholder needs.

Mark Smith VWMA Liberated Leaders

“My experience once getting Resource Advisory in, was not only was the brief met, I really can confidently say, they exceeded expectations. During the workshop they went above and beyond in the facilitation of the group which was a dynamic group with a whole range of different agendas at play.”

Mark Smith
Executive Officer

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