Team Development

Are you frustrated by an under-performing team?

Are undercurrents and poor relationships in your team creating challenges?

Are you a new team who need to kick goals fast?

We are specialists in leader development and offer many ways you can explore and advance your leadership potential. We work deeply with the engrained narratives that shape your responses and reactions in leadership and life. We support you to cultivate new skills and practices that have you feel more powerful and ‘show up’ as more influential for the sake of personal and professional advancement.

Bespoke Team Programs

Bespoke Team Programs

  • Do you need to clarify team performance standards?
  • Do you need to overcome misalignment or disagreements within your team?
  • Are you seeking to mobilise a team for an important initiative?

No two teams are the same and for this reason our approach needs to be bespoke. We offer a range of team Programs that produce team commitments, agreed team behaviours, and skills and practices that enhance relationships and performance. As experienced facilitators, we help ‘clear the air’ where protracted relationships prevent teams from moving forward. We can also help new and emerging teams find common ground quickly, to accelerate their productivity

Team Retreats

Team Retreats

  • Does your team need some space to build stronger relationships?
  • Do you need to mobilise around an initiative quickly?
  • Are you a new team wanting to build core agreements?

Consider that a Retreat might be an effective way to spend 2-3 days of uninterrupted time having the conversations required to mobilise quickly. We offer Retreats for Executive Teams, in-tact teams and newly formed teams to build desired outcomes in a rapid and intensive way that concurrently builds stronger relationships. We can administer and arrange your entire event as well as design an interactive and transformational experience.

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“It was a very well-designed program and how it was delivered allowed us to be in control of the destination. Having the sessions contextualised into our day-to-day work and life helped to embed what we were learning. Spacing them two weeks apart allowed us to put things into practice in small chunks. Loved the whole journey.”

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