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SGCH Case Study
Cultural Transformation

We worked for 12 months with the top 80 leaders at SGCH to cultivate a culture of accountability and care. Through a blend of advisory, team interventions, interactive workshops. new conversational forums, one-on-one coaching and team coaching, this Program truly shifted a culture. Engagement scores went up, bottom line savings were achieved through innovation and inter-personal efficiency gains and previously existing silos were collapsed.

Need to shift your culture?

SGCH Case Study - How to transform a culture in 10 months.

Transport for NSW
Team Alignment

We worked for 9 months with the Organisational Development Executive Team at a time of profound growth and change. We began by identifying and overcoming concerns of trust, building Team Agreements and over time introduced team members to new ways of communicating and coordinating action, to enhance the team’s capability and performance. New ways of communicating and coordinating were extended to the entire business unit of 130 staff, resulting in the adoption of a common language that supported business effectiveness and efficiency.

Want your team aligned?

organizational transformation case studies

“The way that Resource Advisory showed up, the way that they put their proposal together, the way that they interacted with the leadership team was far different from any other provider. They didn’t provide a cookie cutter approach. It wasn’t something off the shelf. The Program was developed with deep care and was focused on actually driving an outcome and adding value with the flexibility to adjust and amend the Program if required.”

Executive Director
Transport for NSW, New South Wales

Multi-stakeholder facilitation

We worked with CSIRO to design and facilitate a multi-stakeholder forum that brought industry experts and a range of stakeholders to explore human health in relation to Coal Seam Gas (CSG) with the intent of identifying a suitable design for a future health study. We reviewed documentation, facilitated stakeholder meetings pre-event and ensured robust subject matter awareness ahead of facilitating to optimise dialogues across a 3-day event. Concerns around hostile or emotive attendees, conflicting perspectives and the vast amount of data ‘delaying’ progress were overcome through an effective design and stakeholder management.

Planning a tricky meeting?

organizational transformation case studies

“I just wanted to say thanks again for your efforts over the last few days, and in preparation too. I have been involved in these complex types of workshops for about 20 years and I think you’re the best I have seen. You are quite remarkable how you sew it all together, keep motivated, keep others motivated, and get the best from all. Well done.”

Sustainability Advisor
CSIRO, New South Wales

Site-based Team Development

To support a Construction Program deadline, we worked with an operational site team on a weekly basis for a period of 6 weeks to enhance communication and coordination between site team members and sub-contractors. By attending site meetings, coaching interactions and ensuring re-quests and commitments were clear, the team enhanced its on-site capability significantly, building stronger relationships, boosting accountability for sub-contractors and getting the project back on track.

Need to get an operational team on track?

organizational transformation case studies

“Thanks Tony and Paula for designing a bespoke program that really suited the needs of my team. Your adaptability and ability to respond and provide a unique program that suited our specific needs was fantastic. Thank you also for the frequent check-ins and feedback along the way. This was critical in providing comfort that we were on the right track, and enabling us to modify our plans as needed. The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive, particularly the impartial provocations.”

General Manager

Sydney Trains
Rapid Leadership Upskilling

We worked with leaders from three discreet divisions for 12 weeks to rapidly elevate their leadership skill base and generate a common language to advance business outcomes. Through an applied intervention that involved leader-led facilitation, live learning, one-on-one coaching and team coaching that included live feedback, the skills and practices were acquired and used immediately. The resulting changes in engagement, morale and productivity were significant.

Need skills and practices built fast?

organizational transformation case studies

“It was a very well-designed program and how it was delivered allowed us to be in control of the destination. Having the sessions contextualised into our day-to-day work and life helped to embed what we were learning. Spacing them two weeks apart allowed us to put things into practice in small chunks. Loved the whole journey.”

Sydney Trains

Construction Industry Culture Taskforce
Industry-based Facilitation

Across a 12-month term we facilitated a series of meetings for the newly formed Construction Industry Culture Taskforce (CICT). The Taskforce was established to develop and set a cultural standard to change the nature of the construction industry, give workers back their quality of life and encourage more talented people to find great careers in construction and infrastructure. The CICT included senior representatives from public and private sectors as well as academia who worked through a main group and series of subgroups to develop content for the Culture Standard. We designed and facilitated the key meetings to advance the groups objectives, review contributes and decide ways forward at key Program milestones.

Need to lift your initiative off the ground?

organizational transformation case studies

“A huge thanks for the great facilitation and steering the ship towards landing some really successful outcomes. All the feedback I have received has been nothing but glowing.”

Deputy Secretary
Construction Industry Culture Taskforce, NSW

Team Foundations

We worked Healthscope’s Northern Beaches Executive Team and lead Nursing Team to design team-based events, build Team core agreements, shared commitments and identify the corresponding behaviours that would have team members ‘show up’ powerfully. Agreements for those teams we worked with included alignment around Vision and Purpose, a shared commitment to engage in conversations to enhance trust, clarity on roles and responsibilities, adherence to team standards of performance and a host of future actions that had off-site conversations manifest as action and outcomes.

Need to build new teams fast?

organizational transformation case studies

“Many thanks for a fabulous workshop. I have had lots of the team telling me today how much they enjoyed the two days, how much they learned and how skilled you both were as facilitators and coaches.”

Director of Nursing

Adam Faulkner
Personal Leadership Journey

Adam participated in our inaugural Liberated Leaders Program in 2017 and through his determination as a learner, profoundly transformed his leadership style. Moving from one CEO role to another far larger in scope and responsibility during the course of his Program, he has continued to move from strength to strength in his career, supported by ongoing coaching. In 2019 Adam won the Doug Dean Industry Leader of the Year and the Industry Leaders Fund Scholarship. He continues to strengthen his profile as an important voice for South Australia and Australia in the Waste and Resource Recovery Industry.

Want to transform your leadership style?

organizational transformation case studies

“The skills and tactics are real, and I am reaching for them daily when I’m negotiating a deal or when I’m lifting the mood of the Boardroom. It is a powerful learning experience, that every CEO or MD should embark on if they are serious about learning the true craft of leadership. The skills that Liberated Leaders is providing are not only getting heightened and distinct results out of my Executive Team and Board, but also improving how I show up with my family at home. The highly bespoke program feels more like fundamental lessons in life”.

Adam Faulkner

Fabienne Costa
Personal Leadership Journey

Fabienne participated in our inaugural Liberated Leaders Program in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength as a business leader and business owner. As CEO of YCL Jewels, she has managed to grow her business and leadership profile, bringing her learning distinctions to rise to the challenges the market presents and continuously innovate. Fabienne re-invests in her learning year on year and is an active part of our learning community, relying on our Coaching and Mentoring support to progress and grow her empire.

Want to accelerate your growth?

organizational transformation case studies

“If I could do my time over, I would not have waited. I would have invested my time and my resources in something like the Liberated Leaders Program much earlier. We have grown our business by 300% in the last financial year and I really attribute that to having the support network.”

Fabienne Costa
CEO & Creative Director
YCL Jewels

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