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Our Online Programs are delivered to supplement and support learning offered as a part of our in-house Leader and Team Development Programs and our Transformation Programs.

These self-paced Online Learning Programs and leadership short courses are designed for emerging leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs. Delivered in bite-sized lessons, each program offers practical skills you can use straight away. Led by our Master Facilitators, these programs will quickly translate to better results in work and life.

Run Great Meetings

Run Great Meetings

This Program is designed to build core competencies for emerging leaders who run meetings and who need to drive actions and outcomes from the meetings they both attend and Chair. Using short course format, we introduce step by step instructions on how to think about, communicate, design, and run effective meetings. We leverage engaging videos and Learning Resources, to offer examples, templates and guidance on the mechanics and social dimensions of meetings, including how to manage difficult characters and personalities. 

Listen Beyond Prejudice

Listen Beyond Prejudice

We believe that listening is a core leadership capability that is poorly understood and often poorly demonstrated. In this Program, we introduce the idea that we all have a prejudice as a listener. We explore your listening habits that trap leaders and their teams in fixed mindsets and bad moods. We help participants understand how their listening has evolved and build new skills and practices to transform the way participants listen. Using short course format, we teach participants how to listen with an appreciation for what another person is saying, listen from a more ‘appreciative’ space, and pursue opportunities in collaboration.

The programs explored a number of essential foundation techniques, frameworks and tips. Included are fantastic resources that will be useful throughout my career.

The course content was interactive, engaging and directly related to my development as a young leader. The online platform was easy to navigate with the program broken up into individual modules. Each module includes concise and engaging videos with allocated discussion blocks designed to reflect on previous experiences and new understandings.”

Georgia D

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