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Our Story

We are invested in advancing the capacity of leaders and teams to 'read' changing business and societal landscapes, cultivate new and powerful relationships and to harvest new practices and skills for the emerging future.

We cannot ‘teach’ this through a framework alone, so we rely heavily on practical and experiential learning. Through this approach, we ‘reveal’ what’s missing and what’s possible for leaders and impart new ways of interpreting, to build resilience and emotional fortitude.

Our engagements are cross sector, helping cultivate insights between industries. We deliver practical and sustainable outcomes through a blend of facilitation, coaching, advisory, mentoring and team coaching, with a focus on capability building.

About Resource Advisory

Resource Advisory began in 2008. Listen to our journey and history in our words.

Our History

We founded our business in 2008, with a desire to help individuals, teams and organisations reach strategic imperatives through enhancing the quality of their thinking, conversations, relations and by cultivating a greater capacity to innovate.

In 2014, Resource Advisory partnered with Rejig Leaders to offer transformational interventions, formally acquiring Rejig in 2018. This brought our advisory and communications practice together with Rejig’s deep experience in the domain of leadership, transformation, innovation and team development.

Today, Resource Advisory’s services are typically offered to Executive Leaders who need to shift their ‘habits’, skills and practices to respond to market conditions. Ideally, we work one on one and within the context of team conversations, customer and client conversations and deep inside the business ecosystem to reveal the opportunities that traditional ways of thinking blind leaders to.

“The way that Resource Advisory showed up, the way that they put their proposal together, the way that they interacted with the leadership team was far different from any other provider. They didn’t provide a cookie cutter approach. It wasn’t something off the shelf. The Program was developed with deep care and was focused on actually driving an outcome and adding value with the flexibility to adjust and amend the Program if required. The most critical thing that I saw was the relationships that were built with Resource Advisory – they became a trusted partner for us.”

QLD Health, Queensland

What We Stand For

Our Purpose

To help leaders and teams transform their practices and through the behaviours they adopt, create workplaces where people thrive.

Your Experience of Our Values

  • We operate with authenticity and transparency.
  • We demonstrate courage through our actions and conversations.
  • Care is central to all we do.
  • We act with integrity; we say what we mean and do what we say.
  • We respect the legitimacy of each person we work with and look for their highest potential.
  • We strive for innovation, learning and stay open to what’s emerging.

Our Clients