In-House Programs

We offer Programs from 1-day to 12 months in duration,

shaped by the objectives you need to meet. Given that your objectives are unique to you, most of our Programs are bespoke by design, however, our most popular and successful Programs are featured below:

Leading Through Disruption

Leading Through Disruption

This 2-day Program is designed for in-tact and multidisciplinary teams, offering leaders with insights on their experience of disruption and how to more powerfully interpret and navigate rapidly changing contexts. We explore the impact of disruption through the personal lens of each leader, before exploring the impact of narratives and moods on organisational performance.

Leaders will complete this Program with:

  • An understanding of the nature of disruption.
  • An understanding of how and why disruption impacts them.
  • Insight on core concerns that drive their behaviour when disruption ‘shows up’.
  • The capacity to make better decisions by distinguishing assertions and assessments.
  • Awareness of the impact their moods have and impetus to shift mood if constructive.
  • An insight into conditions they need to create to generate a culture of innovation.
  • Insights on personal and collective areas of focus to bring about a more engaged culture.
Strengthening Effectiveness and Efficiency

Strengthening Effectiveness and Efficiency

This 2-day Program explores the complex web of interactions that support core business. We reveal the relational and communication gaps and the blind spots that prevent efficiency and effectiveness inside and beyond each leaders remit and build skills and practices to overcome these.

Leaders will complete this Day with:

  • A personal Matrix that diagnoses the health of their current business relationships.
  • A diagnosis of what ‘gets in the way’ of working getting done.
  • A new way of interpreting the way ‘work gets done’.
  • 3 conversational frames that support a culture of accountability.
  • 8 conversational practices that profoundly enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
  • A plan of action to enhance the effectiveness of team commitments.
Team Foundations

Team Foundations

Through this 2-day Program we build effective teams. We determine the core agreements, commitments and behaviours any team must possess in order to be effective. If the team is existing, our conversations will identify and resolve underlying tensions that have prevented effective team performance. If the team is new, or newly stood up, we will strike the agreements that support collaboration, communication and performance.

This Program is best achieved as a 2-day off-site or intensive and leaders will complete this Program with:

  • Ownership of the Values, Vision and shared Mission of the team.
  • Understanding and commitment to generating and evoking trust.
  • Commitment to the team’s success.
  • Clarity on described roles and behaviours in order to meet the organisation’s mission.
  • Adherence to the team standards of performance.
  • Commitment to the practices of reflection, learning and innovation.
  • A shared focus on the future of people, team and organisation.
12-week Rapid Mobilisation

12-week Rapid Mobilisation

Team mobilisation is an intensive Program designed for in-tact teams or multiple teams that need to perform quickly in any domain of action. This might be a project team that needs to coordinate around core deliverables, a new team that needs to form and produce fast results or a team with entrenched behaviours that has to date resisted any intervention.

Key hallmarks of this program include:

  • Action learning whereby participants are interpreting and using skills immediately, rather than being taught in workshop format.
  • Applied learning around projects and results they’re charged to deliver.
  • Involvement with customers, clients, sub-contractors and other stakeholders as relevant.
  • One-on-one Coaching to support the interpretation and embedding of new practices.
  • Team Coaching to reveal and work through the ‘missing conversations’ that undermine team performance and accountability.
  • Rapid skill uptake based on multi-mode learning design.
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“Thanks Tony and Paula for designing a bespoke program that really suited the needs of my team. Your adaptability and ability to respond and provide a unique program that suited our specific needs was fantastic. Thank you also for the frequent check-ins and feedback along the way. This was critical in providing comfort that we were on the right track, and enabling us to modify our plans as needed. The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive, particularly the impartial provocations.”

General Manager

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