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In 2017, we launched our standalone Leadership Development Brand, Liberated Leaders. We wanted to offer leaders an experience outside of their organisation – a diverse space for co-learning, innovation, skill and practice development.

Liberated Leaders enables existing Executive, high potential and emerging leaders a transformational opportunity to build the skills and practices required to navigate growth, change and profound disruption.

Today, Liberated Leaders graduates form a unique community of change-makers. Our original graduates continue to send their leaders to our Programs as a way to advance their organisation’s leadership capability.

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“The Masterclass provided me the opportunity to truly immerse in deep learning and conversational practices in a beautiful and safe environment. I was able to build strong connections with other graduates through our shared learning and language. This along with amazing location, luxury accommodation, incredible food, master facilitation and support from Paula, Tony and the LL team produced the best recipe for me to be completely open to new ways of thinking and being.”

Linda Holland

Senior Director

Recruitment and Capability, QLD Health

Liberated Leaders Programs

Accelerator Program

Leadership Accelerator

Our Leadership Accelerator is a one-day intensive program combining the four most impactful skills and practices from our 10-month Foundations Program in a short-form format. Leaders attend this event with a specific challenge in mind and apply the learning to make progress on their unique challenge, the very next day. Leaders complete this event with specific and practical skills to build and restore trust, engage and mobilise team members and create conditions for innovation through a shift in their leadership style.

Foundations Program

Foundations Program

Our Foundations Program is a 10-month immersion for leaders ready to reinvent themselves and take their leadership to the next level. This Program builds skills over time with an exclusive community of leaders, by blending coaching, mentoring, peer-based, experimental and digital learning. Leaders learn to effectively navigate change and disruption, shift old and unhelpful habits, cultivate new behaviours, more effectively coordinate action, facilitate to enhance engagement and cultivate resilience through coaching and mentoring.



Masterclass describes our intimate retreat-based learning events offered to Foundations Graduates who have a desire to extend their skill-base, reconfigure current practice, extend their learning and keep their networks alive within the Liberated Leaders community. Each event is designed in collaboration with the Liberated Leaders community, and the process of co-invention is alive at each retreat. Real-world events, current trends, emerging trends and progressive practices are integrated in these advanced forums.



Jason Graham

Co-Founder and CEO
organizational transformation case studies


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Cary Bignell

Director Of Corporate Communications

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