Paula Drayton

Founder and Director

Paula is a revered facilitator, Master Trainer and Master Coach with expertise in communication and behaviour change.  She is naturally strategic and loves working with leaders as they grapple with complexity in fast moving environments. After a successful early career in professional services, Paula began her consultancy Resource Advisory, delivering transformation outcomes to major clients for more than a decade.

Paula is a Master Trainer, Facilitator, Change Consultant, Certified Master Coach, Passion Coach, Business Owner and experienced business Consultant. As Founder and Director of Resource Advisory and Co-founder of Liberated Leaders she has extensive experience helping individuals and organisations express and achieve their potential, using her humanistic approach and globally sourced toolkit to engage and enable learners, teams, and groups.

As a Consultant, Facilitator and Coach, Paula has worked with multi-national organisations, ASX listed Companies, Federal, State and Local Government, small and medium sized enterprises, and industry associations, building valuable cross-sector experience to her engagements.

Prior to establishing Resource Advisory in 2007, Paula held senior management positions within the environmental management industry, specialising in communications, marketing, education, and behaviour change. Her professional experience is diverse and includes consultant and management roles with Professional Services Firms Ernst & Young and Andersen, Colliers International, Gallup, Brambles (Cleanaway) and Tourism Australia.

In her 16 years at Resource Advisory, she has worked on more than 120 client engagements across sectors working to achieve business outcomes in times of change and disruption. Her work blends individual leader development for senior personnel, team coaching to embed practices, innovative program design and change approaches that build capacity and capability for sustained outcomes.

Paula’s specialist skills in behaviour change, learning design and conversational practices are instrumental in Resource Advisory’s change and transformation offers. She possesses the ability to apply innovative approaches, solve complex problems, build capacity with her clients and stakeholders, and drive accountability.

Paula is a skilled presenter and capable of working with mixed audiences, difficult moods and powerful personalities to achieve outcomes. Her unique skill is engaging those in the room through reflection, appreciative and critical enquiry about topics at hand.

Paula is especially passionate about sustainability and has chaired events at Ecoforum, Sustainable Transformation and Liveable Cities conferences.

  • Certified Master Coach (Behavioural Coaching Institute)
  • Certified Master Trainer in Crucial Conversations (Vital Smarts)
  • Master of Education in Adult Education (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • Bachelor Arts (Tourism Management) (University of Technology, Sydney)
  • Accredited Influencer, Accountability and Change Anything Trainer (Vital Smarts)
  • People Centred Implementation (PCI) Practitioner (Changefirst)
  • Theory U Graduate (Presencing Institute)
  • Accredited Passion Map Facilitator (Passion Maps)
  • DiSC Workplace and 363 accredited (Integro)
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 accredited (The Leadership Circle)
  • Mental Health First Aid accredited