Questions to ask yourself about Coronavirus

What a year to be leading through change and disruption!

This week we have chosen to open an important conversation for our workplaces and world – that of Coronavirus. 

As Leaders and Senior Executives, you may be establishing Policies and Procedures to ’navigate’ the disruptions Coronavirus is bringing and will continue to bring. As Business Owners and Entrepreneurs you are likely to be impacted already and should be considering contingencies to navigate disruptions in the coming months.

We encourage you to open a conversation about your response to your current state of business, risk and the broader meaning you make of what’s happening.  Of course, the mood you bring to this conversation matters! You may be communicating with colleagues who feel disorientated and uncertain, and we want to support you in the way you ’show up’ as a leader through this time.

We offer these questions to draw your attention to the power of narrative, mood, and how you want to ‘lead’ in this time of disruption. We caution you to be vigilant of the ‘habits of the crowd’ – that is, ungrounded and unfounded narratives that drive strong emotions that do not serve the collective.


  • Consider seeking out strong authorities and good evidence as a basis for communication. 
  • Consider sharing true assertions (facts) regularly to counter misinformation. 
  • Consider identifying and promoting new behaviours and practices that safeguard you and your people as best as possible in this time.
  • Consider the changes you can make to Policies and Procedures for future scenarios, once again, knowing that any future scenario is itself an assessment. 

Yesterday, we were greeted by a client with a foot tapping greeting to replace the customary handshake. This bizarre act lightened our spirits but also signalled a new behavioural landscape. We noted the office had installed hand sanitisers at every entry and at all lift locations and had visible signage to influence the current and future behaviours – for both customers and staff. This included guidance on ‘what to do’ if symptoms present. It was strangely reassuring! 

So consider these questions to support how you navigate and respond appropriately… As always in a mood that serves you and your people.

  • In response to Coronavirus and shifts to the local and international economies, what mood do you find yourself in?  What moods do you observe in others?
  • What future concerns are playing out for you and how do these impact your mood?
  • What narratives have your observed that are unconstructive and unhelpful?
  • What do you perceive others are looking for in your leadership?  
  • How do you want to ’show up’ in this time of disruption?
  • What more constructive narrative can you begin to cultivate to shift your mood?
  • Concurrent to this, what behaviours and practices can you institute for yourself to enhance your vigilance in this time?
  • What behaviours and practices might you encourage for your people to give them a sense of grounding in their ’space of uncertainty’?

At Liberated Leaders we continue to stay with the conversations that illuminate the value of being able to elevate mood through a more constructive narrative, always remembering that ‘leaders create the weather’.  We hope to normalise the sensations and feelings you have and to have you identify new practices you can encourage, to lead from a space of composure and possibility.

This week we are holding our own Coronavirus Navigation Meeting. What impacts can we anticipate? What’s showing up now? How can we optimise each person’s wellbeing? What will this mean for travel? Above all, what are the opportunities presenting and what can we learn in this time?  Notice the style of questions balance risk and opportunity and open a way forward.  This is a weather-making practice. 

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